• Rooftop

    A view from the top of the Greenburg-Traurig Law Office building. Melvin Engineering provided Special "Threshold" Inspection.

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    Recreation Projects add to the experience of residents and visitors

  • GC1

    Civil and Structural design of the World's Largest wood pellet manufacturing company

  • Family Dollar w Logo

    Family Dollar. The first tenant of the Jackson County/Marianna Distribution Center

About Us

David H. Melvin, Inc. is a relationship-oriented full-service engineering firm.  We believe our competitive advantage lies in the fact that our employees develop a strong relationship with their clients and each other.  These relationships encourage our employees to fulfill a commitment to deliver their best efforts in whatever tasks are undertaken.  Melvin Engineering affords its employees the opportunity to exercise their individual skills as well as enjoy the synergy that occurs in working with highly skilled and competent co-workers.  We encourage self-management by empowering our employees with the authority to carry out their responsibilities and giving them the necessary resources to ensure success.


Creatively solving the infrastructure needs of our clients, encouraging the families we touch, and fulfilling our God-given role as stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


Creatively Solving . . . Having been created in the image of the Creator we have been endowed with creative abilities.  Creativity may be defined as approaching a need or task from a new perspective.  We approach each challenge presented to us with creativity to seek the best solution for our clients.

Infrastructure Needs . . . As our clients face today's challenges and tomorrow's dreams it is critical they have the proper infrastructure in place to make it happen.  Whether it is roads, utilities, parks, or building an elementary school, we assist our clients with defining the dream, developing the concept, obtaining funding, securing permits and approvals, and overseeing construction.

Our Clients . . .  Serving our clients is a privilege and honor. We consider our clients as partners and desire to continue long-term relationships based upon trust, friendship, and laughter.  Our goal is to support our clients in obtaining exceptional quality with cost-effective solutions.

Encouraging the Families We Touch . . . We consider the family unit as the essential building block of our society. We are continually seeking ways to encourage and support the families of our employees, our clients, and our communities whether it is providing finances for an employee's child to participate in a mission trip or sponsoring a community sports team.

Fulfilling Our God-given Role as Stewards of the Resources Entrusted to Us . . . We believe we are not owners but stewards of our resources.  A steward may be defined as "someone who manages property or affairs for someone else."  We believe that all we have - our money, time, health, and opportunities - have been loaned to us by God and we are accountable for ensuring we operate with Integrity, Thriftiness, Benevolence, Compassion, Contentment, Generosity, Gratefulness, Hospitality, Resourcefulness, Wisdom, and Faith.

Marianna Office

4428 Lafayette Street

Marianna FL  32448

Office:  850-482-3045  Fax:  850 482 3957

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Tallahassee Office

2541-1 Barrington Circle

Tallahassee FL  32308

Office:  850-671-7221  Fax:  850 671-7223

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